Workshop – The first edition of L’Atelier Floral

march 2019

Before telling you about this workshop, I would like to tell you a little more about my approach and why I decided to become a trainer in floral art. Since the beginning of my activity, very often, I have been asked about my training as a florist and about professional retraining.

My career :

I myself came from retraining, I decided to change my profession: before I was a landscape architect when I moved to France in 2008 and I followed the classical training in a CFA and I got my got my CAP florist in 9 months. I worked as an employee in different shops where I discovered the trade then in 2011, I decided to open my own workshop: Capucine Atelier Floral, since I have flowered many weddings.

My training path:

From the start of my activity, I started training with different florists in France and abroad, then I discovered my floral path and I worked my garden style, natural and wild. And I understood the importance of training. I give myself one or two training courses each year in very different fields: photography, styling, personal development.

I have always promised myself to help future florists in their retraining and to try to facilitate their access to information because when I did my CAP in 2008 I searched a lot and very honestly I learned many techniques by carrying out short training courses adapted to my desire to learn.

At the end of last year, I decided to get into the training field and become a training organization by asking for an accreditation number in order to be able to reach as manypeople as possible: artisans, business leaders, job seekers… and I launched my very first workshop where different activities were programmed: wedding design, taking photos withyour smartphone, center table in free movement, plant tapestry in an organic style…

I had the pleasure of organizing the first Atelier Floral de Capucine Atelier Floral in the company of high-quality service providers and this made ten people from all backgrounds want to cross France.

The second edition:

The second edition of the L’Atelier Floral du 37 workshop will be held on October 14 and 15. I will be accompanied for the occasion by my friend Elodie Winter for photography. Go seehis website and his sublime work … To subscribe to this edition which will be contemporaryand trendy, follow the link! This training can be financed by the FAFCEA, DATADOCK and by the Pôle Emploi, do not hesitate to contact me for more information! I let you discover each other’s work…


I let you discover each other’s work…

Workshop: @ latelierfloraldu37 | Planning, organization and flowers: @capucineatelierfloral | Photography: @capyture_photography | Wedding design and stationery: @nathmajenia | Video: @ number31photography | Florist assistant: @anais_inizan | Wedding dresses: @wednesday_atelier | MUA: @audreybeau | Ceramics: @ maisonjacob.ceramique | Alliances: @paulette_a_bicyclette | Furniture: @legranddesign | Location: @ faubourg12 | Shoes: @chamberlan_official | Silk ribbons: @letempsfile | Wedding cake: @sophiewies | Models: @margauxaigle & @laureptt | Flowers: @belfleurflowers