One-to-one floral training

Last December, I welcomed Nadia to the workshop as part of a training session dedicated to marriage to address various themes related to events. Nadia is a confirmed florist who has practiced her trade since her apprenticeship in various shops in France and abroad. Today, shedecides to start the business by opening her own flower shop in the south of Alsace.

Nadia, highly motivated, got her training funded by the training aid system by Pôle Emploi (itwas a bit of an obstacle course, let’s face it!)

For his training, I wanted to choose a selection of flowers of soft pastel pink, ivory, white colors by combining fresh flowers and dried and stabilized flowers and foliage. Garden rose Chiffon from Vip Roses, buttercups butterfly (my little cute sin), cyclamen, anthuriums, anenomas, French buttercups from Hortisud, stabilized ruscus, dried foliage: desert amaranth, currency pope… It’s a moment that I particularly like, the floral selection for my training but also for weddings.

During this week, we approached a program dedicated to marriage: the free-moving floral arch with the technique without floral foam for a slightly more eco-responsible approach, the unstructured bridal bouquet with several techniques (lattice in the form of egg), the unstructured floral composition, the medicis vase, floral photography, the presence on social networks and the pricing of floral services for the wedding. 35 hours of ultra-full training.

A centerpiece: the floral suspension.

During the one to one training, we prepare for the last day, an afternoon dedicated to photography. We prepare all the floral pieces dedicated to styling. Here, we have created a beautiful floral cloud hanging above the table. A multitude of materials is made available to imagine your own wedding design. The pendant light is created without floral foam in orderto promote nofloralfoam and slowflower. One of my workhorses …

Floral training in the workshop is eligible for business managers (FAFCEA), employees(OPCO EP), job seekers or future professional retraining (Pôle Emploi).

Today, Nadia has just opened her business and she is realizing her dream of opening a flowershop combined with a tea room in the south of Alsace.