Special Weddingseminar. Acquire new skills.

Need to train in the profession of event florist! Want to discover new techniques without floral foam. Imagine a great decor, design an artistic direction for an event! Benefit from training in small groups (limited to 5 people)! Here are the main lines of this training scheduled for the end of August: 35 hours of practical workshop training and 35 hours of tutorials with a personalized correction of your work at the end of the session.

Workshop practical training program :

Day 1: August 24, 2020

Demonstration of the bridal bouquet. Bouquet technique in free movement.

Creation of the free-moving bridal bouquet.

Demonstration of the table center in free movement: chicken lattice technique.

Realization of the table center in free movement

Day 2: August 25, 2020

Demonstration of the bridal bouquet of the free-moving egg structure technique.

Creation of the bridal bouquet in free and unstructured movement.

Creation of the decoration and flowering of the fireplace

Day 3: August 26, 2020

Demonstration of the free-motion garden centerpiece with kenzan

Realization of the free-motion garden centerpiece using kenzan

Introduction to the flowering of the Medici vase. Choice of plants.

Flowering of the Medici vase

Day 4: August 27, 2020

Introduction of the floral suspension. Explanation of the different techniques.

Creation of the floral suspension

Flowering of the suspension

Demonstration and creation of a table runner

Day 5: August 28, 2020

Creation of the grand ceremonial decor (arch – backdrop)

Flowering of the large ceremonial decor.

Theme :

The works will be carried out in a garden spirit, free and natural with flowers from my garden, flowers specially selected from an inspiration board developed by this seminar. I will pass on to you my vision of the profession of florist, I will share my floral sensitivity, information relating to the business of floral services.

In addition 35 hours of homework tutoring :

Day 6: August 31, 2020

Tutorials. Floral selection for a wedding. Use of flower recognition software

Creation of a floral inspiration board with layout software.

Day 7: September 1, 2020

Tutorials Study of different styles in marriage

Tutorials. Inspiration and Pinterest. Creation of trend tables.

Day 8: September 2, 2020

Creation of wedding inspiration boards with layout software

Floral photography, retouching and practical exercise – application on social networks.

Day 9: September 3, 2020

Tutorials. Study of the prices of the floral services. Calculation of a budget.

Quote. Creation of a quote.

Day 10: September 4, 2020

Creation of a flatlay – composition rule.

Correction of the tutorials of the week by video conference

Training price and registration :

The training costs 2450 € HT (VAT exemption). The price includes the supply of flowers, material and educational material. It does not include meals or accommodation. The training is limited to 5 people to guarantee the time to create and correct each work carried out.

Financing of training :

Training can be paid for by Fafcea, for artisan florists, by Opco Ep for salaried employees and employees, and by Pôle Emploi under certain conditions within the framework of the ‘AIF (individual training aid).

Do not hesitate to consult the page which explains all the information on my training and the new dates!